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for the elderly pm 2.5 protection gauze mask autumn in namibia

China is now busy reaping autumn grain crops, after seeing a bumper harvest of summer grain and early rice. The country’s summer grain output increased by 0.9 percent from last year and its early rice up by 3.9 percent year-on-year, data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) suggested.

Strict containment protocols were ensured at the event. Even Jinbao, the mascot panda of the 3rd CIIE, was wearing a mask at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), the venue of the event, as a reminder for people to ensure sound protection against COVID-19.

The latest data from the local government show that about 2.5 percent of people in the area were infected in 2017, higher than the rest of China. "The disease can be treated by surgery. However, for a long time, local residents would not go to the hospital," Zhou said.

To meet the people's demand for healthcare, China endeavors to expand the supply of TCM services, improve community-level TCM health management, advance the integral development of TCM with community service, care of the elderly and tourism, spread knowledge of TCM and advocate healthy ways of life and work, enhance welfare for the public, and ...

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